Single  use plastic ban in India 

Why is it so difficult to ban in India?

Single use plastic

Single use plastic

Plastic that is thrown away after a single use It comes under the category of single use plastic.

The Government of India has listed 19 categories of single-use plastics which have been banned from July 1.

1. Plastic Carry Bag , 2. Plastic Stick Ear Bud 3. Plastic Stick for Balloons,  4. Candy Stick, Ice Cream Stick 5. Plastic Flags,  6. Thermocol (Polystyrene) ,7.Plastic plate 8. Plastic Cups,  9. Plastic glasses ,10. Plastic hook 11. Plastic Spoons, 12. Knife ,13. Straw ,14. Plastic Tray 15. Film wrapping or packing sweet boxes,16.Invitation Card 17. Cigarette Packets, 18. Banners made of plastic or PVC less than 100 microns , 19. Stirrer

But how difficult is it to ban in India?

Single use plastic manufacturing department has 88000 units and employs 10 lakh people

Consumption of Straw which comes in Single Use Plastic India has a consumption of 6 Billion daily and against it has the capacity to manufacture 1.3 Million Paper Straws now.

IN 2015 ,A survey of 60 cities was done in the study of Central Pollution Board of India, in which it was told that India produces 26000 tonnes of plastic waste in a day.

Bottel caps and lids 12% Chips and confectionery packets 19% PET bottles 10% Garbage bags 8% Packaging  8% Others 43%

% off total plastic waste